What goes into a good job ad? Check out WizeHire's library of proven, successful job templates or use our ready-built job wizard to auto-populate your ad FAST! If you'd like to create your own ad and haven't done it before, continue reading. 

If you've already created a solid job description use that to formalize your job ad. Here's a template that can be adapted to any industry for any role:

Job Title: Think SEO. What are the keywords from your ideal candidates' resumes they would use in a Google search when seeking a new job? 

Job Description: Think like a marketer. How do you stand out from the crowd of companies like yours posting similar ads? 

Job Responsibilities: Think 'A day in the life'. What are the tasks, roles and expectations you have for the individual(s) filling this position? 

Job Qualifications: Think skills. What are your 'must-haves' for the role, i.e. number of years of experience, a certain level of education and/or knowledge of a particular software/machinery? 

Location: Think specific. The job boards prefer City/State or County/State. If you are seeking someone remote, use 'Work From Home' or 'Remote'. 

Compensation: Think upside potential. What is the most attractive salary you can share for the position? What will a top producer earn in a commission-based role? 

About Us: Think culture. Why should applicants want to for you? What can you share about your Vision/Mission/Values that would create a compelling message? 

One final tip: Think brevity. Most job seekers are looking for their next gigs on smart phones on lunch hour. Keep your ads short!

Check out our proven job templates

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Happy hiring!

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