There are 4 ways to organize your applicants in your job dashboard. 1) dragging and dropping 2) filtering 3) tagging 4) using hiring stages.

Here’s how you can use each one of these methods to organize your candidates in your job dashboard.

  1. Dragging and Dropping

Want to move an applicant somewhere else? Simply drag and drop a candidate card to place it where you want it.

You can drag and drop candidates up and down in the same hiring stage or across multiple hiring stages.

2. Using Filters

On the left side bar, check the boxes you want to use as filters. You can filter applicants by education, licenses, experience, personality fit and more.

3. Creating Custom Tags

We automatically tag candidates based on their answers to your screening questions.

You can also add custom tags. Here’s how to create one.

First, select the applicant you want to tag.

“X candidates selected” will appear at the top of your screen. Click 'Tag'.

Any tag that you’ve previously created will appear in a dropdown menu. To make a new one, click 'Create tag'.

Type the name of the tag you want to make and hit 'Create'.

Voilà! Your brand new tag is now associated with your candidate.

See and filter all the applicants you’ve tagged with a custom tag from the tags section on the left side bar of your job dashboard.

To see all your candidates again, just deselect the custom tag by clicking the checkmark.

4. Using Hiring Stages

You can customize your hiring stages to match your business’s unique interview process. Learn how to do that here.

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