When you click on your job all of your candidates will first appear in your 'Applied' stage:

Sort your Candidates by toggling between 'filter by personality fit' (click on Excellent, then Very Good etc) and 'apply date' (located just under the column title). As you review candidates, click, drag and drop each applicant to your desired stage.

We suggest you start with your Excellent Personality Fits first and then move through your Very Goods etc. Remember as you sort through, the Personality Fit should be one third of your hiring decision - another third the applicant's resume, and the last third is how you feel the applicant will fit into your current team.πŸ€”

You can add your own Custom Stages, too, using the 'Add another stage' feature!

See an applicant you really like that has that something special?
Create custom tags so you can easily find them again. πŸ‘€ Β It's simple! When you are clicked into an applicant's name and you want to tag them, click on 'Add Tag.'

Then name your tag:

Whenever you want to find any applicants who in this case, speaks Spanish, you can click right here from your main dashboard:

If you like a full view of all your applicants, click on 'Candidates' on the left side of your screen to see all applicants at a glance. You can easily sort, analyze and apply bulk actions from there.

Easy to organize, easy to read, easy to use... that's WizeHire! πŸ‘

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