1. From your main WizeHire dashboard, click on the job you'd like to create a welcome message for.
  2. Once inside the job dashboard, click on 'Job Settings' towards the top right, then 'Automation.'

3. You'll need to create a new template so that you're able to select it in the drop down menu. To do this, click on 'Set a default welcome email for all jobs.' But don't worry, we're just going to create a new template for now!

4. Next, click the green 'Create Template +' button. Please be sure that if you are creating this template to be job specific, do not check the box shown below that says 'Send to all new applicants' below the content field - doing so will cause this message to be sent to ALL applicants across ALL of your job ads, which we don't want to do at the moment. 

5. Once you've typed out your message, click 'Save.'
6. Click 'My Jobs' at the top of your screen - this takes you back to your main dashboard. From here you'll just need to walk through steps 1 and 2 again, choosing the template you've created from the dropdown menu, and then be sure to click the green 'Save' button!

Every person who applies to this one job will receive this special message from you! You're more than welcome to set up a welcome message to go out to ALL new applicants across all of your jobs - just go back and click that box to 'Send to all new applicants.' 👍🏼 

See, you're all set! Sit back, relax, we've got you covered! 😎

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