Account Information

Helping you navigate general account information

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Answering any billing questions you might have regarding your account

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Candidate Best Practices

Best practices for working with candidates during the hiring process

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Candidate Profile

Navigating the information in your applicants' profiles

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CRM Integrations

We make it easy to integrate with your current CRM

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How messaging applicants works through the Wizehire system

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Employee Onboarding

Guidance with bringing your new employee up to speed

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Hiring Coaches

How can a Hiring Coach help

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Job Ad Best Practices

Learn the do's and don't's for job ads

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Job Board Integrations

We integrate with more than 100 of the best job boards

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Job Dashboard

Getting to know your individual job dashboard

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Main Dashboard

Find out what you can do on your main dashboard

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Mobile App

Learn more about how to use the Wizehire mobile app

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Team Profile

Using the Team Assessment to get to know your team

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This is a place for jobseekers to gain knowledge about the Wizehire process

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