We understand... you worked hard on your ad content and don't want to change it. Job boards, however, like new and updated content because that's what job seekers like and respond to. 

The WizeHire system monitors the job boards and your ads daily. When we sense that a job posting is becoming less effective and is unoptimized, you'll see your ad move to the bottom under the 'Poor visibility' category and it will have a red exclamation notification to the left of the 'Manage' dropdown menu.

Here's how you can refresh your templated ad in under two minutes:

1. Head to your main dashboard. Under your 'Live' ads you’ll find the ads that need refreshing under 'Poor Visibility.'

2. To refresh, click 'Manage' then 'Refresh job.'

3. Now, the exciting part! Our team does the heavy lifting for you by automatically curating relevant content to reach the most qualified candidates based on the position you’re hiring for. Simply click 'REFRESH JOB' and voila, the hard work is done. 

4. If you’d like to make customized changes, simply click 'Make Changes,' edit the content you’d like to change, then click 'REFRESH.'

If you have created your own ad and did not utilize a WizeHire template, follow these instructions:

Click 'Manage' and then 'Refresh job' - you'll be able to edit your ad and make it fresh. This will give it a brand new date on the job boards. Essentially, we're helping you create an evergreen ad! 👍🏼

Making a change to the title or Job Description, adjusting the Compensation wording, and/or adding/removing a bullet or two in Responsibilities and Qualifications will get you there. 

If you make the changes suggested above, you should be able to move through it quickly. 

Once your ad is fully refreshed, the Freshness level will show as 100%:

We also have templates available to give you some ideas. 

You may think it's easier to close and reopen your same ad a short time later. Bullet #2 in this blog post shares what Indeed thinks of that practice. 

Take 2 minutes, create evergreen ads and get more applicants!

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