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How do I get qualified candidates to apply?
How do I get qualified candidates to apply?

Not seeing qualified applicants inside your job dashboard? Making small changes to the content of your ad will help! ๐Ÿ˜…

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Here are a couple items to consider when attracting the applicants you are looking for:

โœ” Qualifications must be measurable and specific
If specific experience is required, be sure to include it in your ad. Must they have at least 1 year of experience in the industry? Add it to the qualifications!

โœ” Job ad title, qualifications and salary must align
Applicants search 2 things: job ad title and the salary they desire. If you are seeking an experienced applicant but your title, qualifications and salary reflect an entry level position or vice versa, this will affect the quality of applicants who apply.ย 

Our Hiring Coaches will also add screening questions framed around required qualifications. This will help you filter through your applicants even faster! Find out how to add screening questions here.

If you need assistance, we have tons more tips and tricks to share. Open a chat and we'll get back to you shortly!ย 

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