WizeHire may send you messages saying we changed your job title for SEO.

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the use of keywords and phrases that search engines recognize in order to make your online content relevant and easily visible to job seekers. Keywords help job seekers find you. πŸ”

Applicants search for jobs using keywords from their resumes. Here is a simple way to get more visibility for your ad:

Hiring a Sales Manager? Instead of "Super Star Needed To Manage Our Team," use "Sales Manager" in your title. First 3 words in a job title must be keywords.

WizeHire wants you to make the best hire in the least amount of time. It starts by getting your ad in front of job seekers.

The easiest way to get your ad seen? Keep job titles simple and save flashy words for the job description. πŸ‘

Need additional help with job titles or job ads? Feel free to reach out in chat!

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