You may notice messages from the WizeHire team that we have changed up your job title to ensure the best SEO possible.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it means using keywords and phrases that search engines will pick up on so your online content is relevant and appears quickly. Key words are important choices as they are what job seekers are using to find you. 🔍

Applicants will search for job titles with keywords that they have in their resumes.

Want to hire a Sales Manager? Then it's critical to include the words "Sales Manager" in your title as opposed to "Super Star Needed To Manage Our Team". The first 3 words in a title are the most important and must be relevant keywords.

It may seem your title is "vanilla" when compared to more flashy titles, but at WizeHire we want you to make the best possible hire in the least amount of time possible! ⏰ That starts by getting in front of applicants by appearing where they search!

Our best advice in a nutshell? Keep your titles simple - save the splashier words for the first line of your job description. 👍

Happy Hiring! 🎉

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