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Why do apply rates slow over time?
Why do apply rates slow over time?

It’s natural to see an influx of applicants when your job description is first posted. Here's why, and how Wizehire can help...

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When you post your job description for the first time...

This could mean the first time EVER, or the first time in say, 4 months - there is an initial rush 🌊 of applicants that have already been scouring the boards recently, looking for a job like yours!

After that rush, it’s common for things to slow down to just the normal sprinkling ☔️ of "new" job seekers entering the marketplace.

Because Wizehire posts to 100+ job boards (including the heavy-hitters like Indeed, LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter) your posts are highly visible 🤩 Keep in mind, however - if you recently posted your job to a major job board before moving over to Wizehire, you might have exhausted the initial rush 🌊, and are now in the normal sprinkling phase of the job posting ☔️

So what do we do now?

In the past, employers might try to combat this situation by posting multiple jobs for the same position, or closing and reopening posts in an attempt to make them ‘new’ again. These practices can actually result in your post being taken down from job boards.

It’s important to us that your brand remains in good standing with job boards so we can ensure your post's consistent visibility - which means more applies in the long run!

It’s important to remember you’re not alone in this situation! Every job post goes through the same ebb and flow process. In today’s tough hiring climate, these things are key:

  • Longevity ⏰ - Keep your post live for as long as it takes so new applicants entering the market can find you

  • Diligence 🧗 - Checking your dashboard and reaching out to strong applicants right away - the highest qualified candidates get hired quickly!

  • Refreshing your job postings 🪄 - Gives them a new date on job boards so they stay highly visible

If you have any questions, click the chat button below to speak with a Hiring Coach about your post, we’re here to help 😊

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