In our experience, when ads are brand new many people will apply whether or not they are qualified, just because the ad is new. We understand how frustrating that can be! 

Here is how WizeHire provides some filters:

  1. Resume view: here you can see the tangibles. How someone's work experience fits the needs of the role.

  2. Personality Fit view: now you're looking at the intangibles. WizeHire's Personality Fit score uses DISC to add a new filter. It helps you decide if those who have the right qualifications in their resumes are indeed a good fit. 

  3. Screening questions: ask and ye shall receive. Asking a few targeted questions lets you begin to see exactly what candidates bring to the table. 

  4. Complete applications: Truly interested candidates will follow instructions, take assessments and jump through any hoop you wish. 

It's not about the volume of applicants - in the end, it is about quality.

While we can't stop unqualified candidates from applying, take advantage of filtering through WizeHire and feel free to use the disqualified feature as often as you'd like.


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