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Why do unqualified candidates apply?
Why do unqualified candidates apply?

Wizehire has a number of filters that help you avoid getting applicants who aren't qualified.

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When posts are new, many people apply, whether or not they're qualified. We know that's frustrating.

Wizehire has filters that let you see only the applicants who are the best fit for the job you're trying to fill:

  1. Resume view: see how job experience suits the position.

  2. Personality Fit: Wizehire's Personality Fit score uses DISC+ to assess if candidates with strong resumes are a suitable fit.

  3. Screening questions: a few targeted questions help you assess applicants' qualifications.

  4. Complete applications: applicants who really want the job will do whatever is asked of them, like taking assessments and filling out questionnaires.

Even though we can't stop people who aren't qualified from applying, you can filter through Wizehire and use the 'disqualify' feature as often as you want.


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