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Where do I find my unique CRM email address?
Where do I find my unique CRM email address?

To integrate with third party CRMs you'll need to locate this special email address 😎 then boom πŸ’₯ everything will be in one place!

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We integrate directly with third party CRMs to make your life easier. They include:
​Follow Up Boss
You'll need to locate your unique CRM email address so we can get connected 😍 We've listed the steps for each CRM below:


Go to BoomTown Login
Click on top left navigation icon to view options
Click on 'Tools'
Click on 'Auto-Import Leads'
Click on blue 'Get Started' button
Copy your '@MyBoomTownLeads.Me' email address


Go to the 'Settings' screen
On the 'Settings' page click on the 'Lead Distribution and Team Settings' tab
On the top of the page you will find your Unique LionDesk email


Go to the 'Settings' page and click 'Lead Capture' - you'll see your unique email address listed in the middle of the page on the screen

Follow Up Boss

Go to 'My Settings' and then 'Send in Leads' tab

Does your CRM have this unique email feature and you don't see instructions for it listed above? If so, we most likely support it, simply get in touch with us - we'd be happy to chat! πŸ’¬

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