You are automatically emailed when an applicant starts an application (ie. they've submitted their resume), and again when they finish (DISC is complete).

This is on by default for all job postings - so that you don't miss out on great talent in today's competitive hiring climate!

There are three routes you can take to access and change your email settings:

Route Option 1 - Manage all of your email notifications at a glance

From your main WizeHire dashboard, click on your company name in the top right, then click 'Settings.'

Click 'Email Notifications.'

Here you can manage all of your email notifications for the job ads that are currently live, along with the Daily Digest, Monthly Newsletter, and Market Report Email:

Route Option 2 - Manage email notifications for one job ad

From your main WizeHire dashboard, click on 'Manage' to the right of the job ad title, then click 'Settings.'

From this page, you can adjust your preferences for this job ad. You can require that an applicant submit their resume when applying. You can also adjust notifications when new applicants start the application and complete the application.

Route Option 3 - Manage email notifications for one job ad

If you are already inside of the job dashboard, click 'Job Settings' at the top towards the right, then select 'Additional Settings.'

You can adjust the settings from this page. If you click on the 'View email notification settings for all jobs' link:'ll be taken to the 'Email Notifications' page. You can manage notifications for your job ads from here, along with Daily Digest, Monthly Newsletter and Market Report Email:

Need additional help managing your email settings? Feel free to reach out in chat!

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