To create your job ad, click on the 'ADD A NEW JOB' button, towards the left on your main WizeHire dashboard.

You'll be taken to a new screen where we will walk you through the 'job wizard' which will help you set up and format your ad. You'll be able to create and submit your job to us in just a couple minutes!

A majority of the 'job categories' come with a proven template the system will auto generate, to take the guess work out of things for you! If you are unable to find a specific job category, please click 'Have our coaches help' and we will help get you set up with the correct one.

You can also edit the ad as you see fit, by clicking on the purple 'Edit' links.

If a template doesn't populate automatically, check out the list of templates we have available here, on our Resources page:

A quick copy and pasting routine from template into the 'job wizard' will work perfectly! 👌🏼

And lastly, click on the green 'SUBMIT JOB' button so the WizeHire Hiring Coaches can review it before it is published to the job boards!

If you're not 100% ready to receive applicants yet, you can click 'SAVE FOR LATER' and come back to it. The ad will save as a Draft right on your main WizeHire dashboard.

See, easy as pie! 🥧 If you run in to any problems or want to ask your applicants screening questions, chat with us by clicking on the chat button in the right corner of your screen 🤓

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