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How do I create and post a job description?
How do I create and post a job description?

Crafting and submitting your post for review can happen in as little as just 2 minutes! 🤩

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To create your job post, click on the 'Add a New Job' button, on your main Wizehire dashboard.

Now you will walk thru the 'job wizard' which will help you set up and format your post. You'll be able to create and submit your job in just a few short minutes!

Job: Choose the "category" of your post - for example: Administrative Assistant, Sales Manager, etc. Keep in mind: This is NOT your actual job title. You can edit that on the following page.

Location: Must be a city/state location or Remote.

Compensation: This is a required field and should have a numerical value with few (if any) descriptors.

Screening Questions: On the next page, you can choose suggested screening questions, or search our bank to find the right one for you! Keep in mind: the answers are used later to filter out applicants, so these should be HARD requirements for the position!

'Template' or 'From Scratch': Choose to use one of our proven-successful job templates. Or, if you have content you prefer, create a post from scratch instead!

Template: You can review and edit any part of the templated post before continuing!

From Scratch: You'll see 'Generate Draft' buttons underneath each section of your post. That's our way of helping out, even if you didn't choose to use a template 😊 You can edit, regenerate, or delete the content entirely!

If you're not 100% ready to receive applicants yet, you can click 'Save for later' and come back to it. The post will save in the 'Draft' tab on your main Wizehire dashboard.

Easy as 🥧! If you run into any problems, let us know by clicking on the chat button in the right corner of your screen 🤓

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