The reasoning behind this is complex, but we'll do our best to explain!

When it comes to Google

Versions of your ad you may be seeing on Google are pieced together based on Google's algorithms, pulling information from all over the internet. It is not a true representation of what your ads look like on other sites.

Unfortunately we are unable to make changes to how Google is showcasing your ads. Google posts these on their own behalf by extracting information throughout the web. 

And as far as job boards go...

Each job board manages their feed uploads a bit differently when we send our content to them. Some focus mainly on text. While it may not be as aesthetically pleasing as you'd hoped - we do know that research indicates this is ok! We know jobseekers are accustomed to these formats when job searching. In the end, they are primarily seeing the ads more frequently due to optimized content, even if your logo is not visible. 

Our hope is that with some of this information, you can have a better understanding behind the process of what happens when we send data to the job boards! 🤓

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