We'll be sorry to see you go! 👋 And depending on your WizeHire plan, you may be able to pause your subscription on your own! 🙌🏻

Simply click on your company name in the top right corner, then 'Settings.'

Next, click 'Subscription.' If you see the 'I'm done hiring - Pause my subscription' link, you'll be able to pause your subscription without our assistance.

You'll be asked a few quick questions and then your subscription with us will be paused at the end of your next billing cycle automatically, it couldn't be easier! If you decide you want to resume your subscription, that's simple, too! 🙌🏻

If this link is not visible to you, you have 3 ways to pause your WizeHire subscription. Take one of these 3 actions: 

  1. Start a NEW CHAT with your Hiring Coaches using the conversation icon on the lower right of this screen
  2. Email us at team@wizehire.com 
  3. Give us a call at 877.292.4568

After your subscription ends, you can still access applicants and closed ads in your dashboard. When you're hiring again and want to reactivate your subscription, you'll be able to do so from right inside your dashboard. 

No contracts. No minimums. Just hassle-free hiring... that's WizeHire! 😉

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