Select top criteria on the 'Tell us a little about who you're looking for' page during the job creation or job editing process.

Our system may automatically recommend some questions which you can leave checked (or uncheck to remove them from your ad). You may also add more criteria by clicking on the option towards the bottom:

From here you can search questions by keyword, or view questions by choosing a category on the left-hand side.

Looking to add a skills assessment to your ad? For example, to gauge an applicant's typing proficiency or Spanish-speaking abilities? Simply choose the 'Skill Assessments' category to view our list of options:

Don't see the questions you want? Click 'Add more criteria' then click the link that says 'Ask a hiring coach' and send us a message. WizeHire's Hiring Coaches are happy to add some customized questions for you.

Already asking questions and you'd like to change them? Open the chat window in the lower right of your screen and we'll get your screening questions changed up.

Remember, your applicants are already answering DISC-related questions... ask as few questions as possible. Save some for your interviews! 📝

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