You've already surveyed your team, right? GREAT! Let's see how your team members fit the various job roles you have inside of your WizeHire account. 

Click the 'Team' tab at the top of your main dashboard.

From here, click 'View' in the 'Additional Info' column.

Below your team member's DISC results, you'll see your WizeHire account's list of jobs under 'Job Matches,' in addition to the job fit according to how your team member scored on their DISC assessment.

Need help deciphering something you see here? Below the list of 'Job Matches,' at the bottom of the window, click 'What do these scores mean?' and start a chat with one of our Hiring Coaches. They'll help you out!

Gone are the days of guessing and stumbling your way through building a successful team! With our system, we can help guide your team to GREAT success! 💯

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