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How do I gather DISC profiles for my team?
How do I gather DISC profiles for my team?

Easily prompt existing employees to complete the DISC assessment and copy new hires in your Wizehire dashboard to your Team Profile

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If you’re looking for management insights to create a cohesive team environment, Wizehire has you covered!

We can help you collect profiles from your existing team and seamlessly capture profiles for your new team members as you grow.

To survey your current team, click on the 'Team' tab in your main Wizehire dashboard.

On that page, you will find a link you can share with all of your team members so that they can take our DISC+ assessment. (This link is not for applicants!)

As soon as they've all completed the assessment, reach out to us. We'll review your Team Profile, give you some performance insights, and arm you effectively to share those results with your team.

You can download their reports from the Team Dashboard page.

You can view their DISC (Behavioral Qualities) and Values (Motivators) results, along with how they fit other jobs you have open and are looking to fill. Do so by clicking the on a team member, and click the DISC profile link.

Did you make a new hire using Wizehire? Congratulations! Include your new team member in your Team Profile by dragging the candidate profile to the Hired stage in your job dashboard.

Don't struggle through your days wondering why your team's results are lacking. Let the Wizehire Team Profile guide your team to SUCCESS! 🏆

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