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Why do I have to include compensation?
Why do I have to include compensation?

If you want more candidates, compensation is πŸ—

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It's a fact: posts that contain Compensation with dollar figures perform better than those that don't. Since the second question applicants are asked is how much they want to make, get as specific as possible. πŸ’΅

If the position contains an hourly rate and bonus structure, list it: '$50,000 (includes base + bonus)'Β 

If the starting salary depends on experience, include a small range and DOE: '$30,000 - $35,000 DOE'Β 

With commission only positions, include the upside potential for a top performer in the role. Use a small, realistic range: '$85,000 - $100,000 at-plan commission' or '$85,000 no ceiling on income'
The greater the compensation (while still being reasonable), the better the applicant's quality will be.

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