You've got important and sensitive information all over your WizeHire account, from applicant resumes to DISC data. We take security and accessibility seriously and work hard to ensure your data is securely stored and easy to find when you need it. 

Through Zapier, we can safely integrate your data into many other apps so it is available in one place for your ease of access. And when you move data through Zapier, your credentials are protected with bank-level encryption.

While your WizeHire account is active, your data is safe with us. 👮 When you're done hiring and want to pause your account, we can provide you with a secure .csv download that includes all of your applicant data. 

If you don't want to wait until you pause your account to receive a .csv, just open up a chat window on the lower right of your screen and talk to a coach. They'll get you hooked up!  

When you're hiring again and want to reactivate, all of your ads and applicant data will reappear in your dashboard like magic! 🐇 🎩



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