At WizeHire we love making your job of growing your team easier! 🌱 That's why we offer two simple ways to help you connect to CRMs: 

  1. If you are currently using a popular Real Estate CRM like CINC, BoomTown, LionDesk, Follow Up Boss or Chime, we can integrate directly with you! Click here to learn how. If you choose this option we will auto-import every candidate for the job you choose. You will also receive each applicant's information plus their DISC results and Resumes.

  2. If you use another CRM, we can get you connected via Zapier. It takes a few simple steps that you can learn about here. This system also gives you each applicant's information plus their DISC results and Resumes, and has some added benefits. You'll also be able to set "triggers" so you receive notifications when an application has been completed, a new applicant just applied, or an applicant has been moved to a different stage in the hiring process.

If you find yourself needing help - just reach out! You'll be on your way to becoming more organized and ready to grow your business in no time! 🌴

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