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Does Wizehire post to LinkedIn?
Does Wizehire post to LinkedIn?

YES! We partner with LinkedIn and post your ads for you!

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Our integration with LinkedIn allows jobseekers to utilize "Easy Apply"

  • Candidates can apply from their phones with the click of a button!

  • That means you get more qualified applicants sent straight to your Wizehire dashboard.

If you already have a LinkedIn company page, that's great!!

  • Simply enter your "Company LinkedIn ID" in Account Settings, and we'll handle the rest!

  • Click here to learn how to find your Company's LinkedIn ID.

If you don't have a LinkedIn company page - you'll definitely want to create one!

  • Having a Company Page will allow active and passive job seekers to find your business, and learn about open opportunities

  • Set up is simple and shouldn't take long. Here's how it's done!

If you would also like to share your ad as a post on your LinkedIn company page, click on your job from your main Wizehire dashboard. Near the top right, click on 'Job Settings' and then click 'Invite candidates.'

Just click on the blue 'LinkedIn icon'. You'll be directed to LinkedIn to share your job ad:

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