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Where do I find my company's LinkedIn ID?
Where do I find my company's LinkedIn ID?
By going to your company page on LinkedIn, you can quickly find your LinkedIn ID number.
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To locate your company's LinkedIn ID, navigate to your organization's company LinkedIn page* and click 'See all # employees on LinkedIn.'

*If you're running ads on your personal LinkedIn page, you'll need to set up a company LinkedIn page. Here's how.

The next page will list employees who work at your company. Go to the URL bar at the top of the webpage. Your company's LinkedIn ID is the numeric string near the end of the URL. In both examples below, the company's LinkedIn ID is '1234567.'

If you are using Chrome as your web browser, your company's LinkedIn ID will be between the quotation marks in the URL: 

If you are using a web browser other than Chrome, your organization's LinkedIn ID likely will be between the percentage signs in the URL, as pictured below. Please note: the ID does not include the first two digits in the string

Now, you can add this numeric string to your Account Settings so we can post your live job ads to LinkedIn!

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