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How can I connect my CRM to Wizehire using Zapier?
How can I connect my CRM to Wizehire using Zapier?

Connect WizeHire to your favorite CRM using Zapier

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Use Zapier to connect your Wizehire applicants to the CRM you already use. When you connect Wizehire to your CRM, you can see:

☑️ New applicants
☑️ Applicant stage changes
☑️ DISC assessment URL
☑️ DISC results and resumes (via a link)

To see if your CRM is Zapier compatible, click here.

If your CRM is compatible and you'd like to hook things up, simply click here and then either search for apps to connect or click on 'Connect to 5,000+ Apps!'

If you have a Zapier account, feel free to skip ahead. If you don't, you'll be prompted to create one. You can select a free trial, or purchase a plan that fits your needs. 

Next, click the '+ Create Zap' button in the top left corner:

Start by clicking into the 'Trigger' and then type and select "Wizehire" in the search field:

Follow the steps from here to finish setting up your Zap.

You will be prompted for an API key during this process. Your unique API key can be found inside your 'Account Settings,' under the Integrations tab:

Simply copy and paste this key into the required field. Click on 'Yes, Continue'. 

The Wizehire connection should now be listed in your Zapier account:

You're all set.  🎉

Need additional help connecting your CRM? Feel free to reach out in chat!

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