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How can I connect my calendar to Wizehire to schedule interviews?
How can I connect my calendar to Wizehire to schedule interviews?

Easily connect your Google or Microsoft calendar and start scheduling interviews with candidates.

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First, go to your account settings from your main dashboard by clicking on your company name, and then 'Settings.'

Go to the interview schedule tab and click 'Connect your calendar.'

Note: Right now, we only support connecting Google (Gmail) or Microsoft (Outlook/Exchange) calendars.

Just click the button 'Connect your calendar.'

Enter the email address associated with the calendar you want to connect.

Note: It does NOT have to be the same email address as the one associated with your Wizehire account.

Here’s an example with a Gmail account. Make sure you allow your platform to have access to

Make sure this box is checked in order to connect your Gmail calendar successfully:

(Wizehire will never delete calendars and we will not modify/delete events other than interviews scheduled/canceled through Wizehire.)

Once your calendar is connected, you can manage your interview scheduling settings.

Select your availability so candidates can easily pick a time that is convenient for them and works with your schedule.

Note: You will need to include a video link to schedule video interviews and an in-person location for in-person interviews so candidates know where to go.

When you’re done, make sure to hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

Success! 🎉 You’ve connected your calendar.

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