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How do I apply for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)?
How do I apply for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)?

Learn how to apply to this Federal tax incentive that can save you an average of $2,500 when you hire.

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Businesses must apply for WOTC within 28 days of the new employee’s start date.

Usually, businesses must go through a complex application process for WOTC certification through their state’s workforce agency.

However, with WizeHire, our system can automatically screen your new employee to see if they’re eligible.

To screen your new employee, drag their applicant card into the Hired column to start the eligibility screening process. Click to 'Complete profile'

From your new hire's profile, choose 'Check for tax credit' and follow the prompts:

When someone qualifies, our system will notify you, and our partners at RetroTax can handle all the paperwork for you to apply and file for the credits at no upfront cost.

WOTC eligibility is time-sensitive and based on the hire date. Find more information here about when you should apply.

Please note that our Free Employment Tax Credit Screening is accessible in the US only.

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