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How do I find licensed agents?
How do I find licensed agents?

Attracting already licensed agents can be done. Patience and persistence are needed.

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What do you do if the licensed applicant pool is low in your area? Getting licensed agents is always a slower process. NAR statistics prove this out: only about 6% of licensed agents move shops in a given 12 month period. 

If they have a current gig and any tenure to them they are often more passive candidates. They prefer to investigate their next opportunity by looking at your website or talking in your network. They are not like active candidates who have built job profiles on major job boards like Indeed or Ziprecruiter. 

We do have a few suggestions:

  1. Consider sponsoring the job. This will keep you at the top of the job boards, but more importantly it will get emails into the inboxes of folks who aren't checking the boards regularly.

  2. The social media marketing you do on your website is a more important tool to find these passive candidates. So, we always recommend that you use the Careers page we've built for you. You will want to hand this HTML Widget to your webmaster and ask them to link it to a button that reads, "Careers" or "Join the team." 

  3. It's also good to post your openings directly on your social media channel as well. You can do that from inside your Wizehire dashboard.

  4. Many of our clients have found good candidates by widening the field a bit. Here is a template designed to attract Outside Sales professionals that has worked well for others. Feel free to give it a look and see if it might work for you. 

You can run as many job posts as you would like with your Wizehire account, so feel free to run one post for experienced and licensed agents and another one for Outside Sales.  

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