At WizeHire, we get it, you're super busy and entrepreneurs like you can own more than just one business! You can manage all of your hiring needs in one easy place. 👍 Creating an account for additional entities you may be hiring for helps job seekers differentiate who they are applying to work for and improves the quality of candidates all around.

Your WizeHire dashboard can support you if you're hiring for more than just one company (at only $100/month per additional company).

Here's how:

Towards the top right of your main dashboard, click your company name and then select 'Add Additional Company'

OR, from your main dashboard, you can click 'Hiring for another company?'

Next, you'll input the new company's information. Once finished, click 'PREVIEW CHARGE' towards the bottom of the page.

You'll be able to confirm the charge on the next page and add your newest account to your subscription. 🎉

From your main dashboard, you will find your newly added company account in the drop-down menu labeled 'Jobs & Candidates For: ' Click on the company's name and you will be viewing your second account's main dashboard. Start creating a new job for that account right away!

Whoosh! 😅 That's EZ and a total time-saver!

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