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How can a Hiring Coach help?
How can a Hiring Coach help?
What does a Hiring Coach do and how can they help me?
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A Hiring Coach helps monitor your new ad's performance and provides personalized recommendations to make the best hire possible. πŸ†

Once you've created your ads on the WizeHire easy-to-use dashboard they will automatically be sent to a Hiring Coach for review. πŸ‘€

The Coach will proofread your ad, make sure the correct DISC Profile is assigned, and then push it out to over 100 job boards. If a Coach has a recommendation for you about the ad or needs to make a significant change to the ad, you will be messaged right away.

Note: When you post a 100% templated ad, it will bypass Coach review and go directly out to job boards. No need to review, since our ad templates are SEO-friendly!

Coaches are available to help with your ad's performance, market areas, compensation, best SEO practices, best practices for job board standards, and applicant DISC profiles.

Have a quick question? Click on the chat button in your dashboard or call 877-292-4568 from 7 am - 7 pm EST.

Have a few questions that involve a bit more discussion? Schedule a call with a coach!

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