A Hiring Coach helps monitor your new ad's performance and provides personalized recommendations to make the best hire possible. 🏆

Once you've created your ads on the WizeHire easy-to-use dashboard they will automatically be sent to a Hiring Coach for review. 👀

The Coach will proof your ad, make sure the correct DISC Profile is assigned, and then push it out to over 60 job boards. If a Coach has a recommendation for you about the ad or needs to make a significant change to the ad, you will be messaged right away.

Coaches are available to help with such things as your ad's performance, market areas, compensation, best SEO practices, best practices for job board standards, and applicant DISC profiles.

Have a quick question? Click on the chat button in your dashboard or call 877-292-4568 from 7 am - 7 pm EST.

Have a few questions that involve a bit more discussion? Schedule a call with a coach!

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