You’ll never have to worry about manually sending emails to new applicants again! Just set this feature up once, and the busy work is done for you. 😃

First, you will need to create an email template. If you haven’t done that yet, go here to learn how.

From your main dashboard, click a job you want to set up an automatic email template for:

Click ‘Job Settings’, then ‘Automation’

You’ll be taken to this page. Select the option labeled 'A custom automated email' and a drop-down menu will appear. You can choose one template from the drop-down menu to set as an automatic email to send to all new applicants once they apply.

Click ‘Save Changes’. Success! 🎉 Your automatic template is now set up.

To view all the automated email templates you have set up, go to the email templates section on the left sidebar in your Account Settings.

You’ll find them under the ‘Automated Email Templates’ section.

Click on the "link" icon to see which job ads have an automated email template:

A window will pop up noting which job ads are associated with that specific automated email template:

If you want to set up an automatic email template for all your jobs - go here.

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