From your main dashboard, click on your company name in the top right, then 'Settings.'

Next, towards the left, click on 'Email Templates.' 

From here you'll be prompted to create your own template by using the green 'Create Template' button. If you already have some created you will see them listed here below the green button. Simply click on the pencil icon if you'd like to edit and you'll be good to go! 👌🏼

We have 3 common messages already created for you if you choose to use them: 'Default Rejection,' 'Default Invitation' and 'Complete Assessment' emails. 😉 

You have the ability to set up an automatic message that can go out to all new applicants across all of your jobs as soon as applicants apply.

If you want to set up an automatic message for just one job, go here to learn how!

Just remember, communication is the key to success! 

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