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What is the “Team” tab on the main dashboard?
What is the “Team” tab on the main dashboard?

The team dashboard allows you to view all team members, including new hires, in one place. 🎉

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Now you can see your new hires and current team members, plus their DISC profiles, in one convenient location!

Look for the ‘Team’ tab in the menu bar of the main dashboard:

Once you have dragged a candidate to the hired column, they are automatically added to your team page. You can also click 'Add team member' to add team members manually:

You can click between specific tabs to view ‘Active team members’ or ‘Recently hired team members’ - there’s also a tab to view ‘Dismissed team members'.

Need comprehensive insights into how your team can better work together? You can easily download a DISC report for your entire team - just click on the ‘Team insights’ tab on the left side of the page:

You can also download an individual team member's report! Scroll to a team member and click on the three-dot icon to download the report from the dropdown menu:

The team dashboard also makes it easy to access some of our post-hire tools, so you can quickly get your new hires onboarded. Click on the ‘Hiring tools’ tab on the left. You have access to:

  • E-sign Letters - Send customized offer letters to candidates you'd like to hire.

  • Payroll - Add new hires to Gusto to manage their payroll.

  • Tax credit savings - Check if your new hire is eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

If you have any questions about our team dashboard, reach out in chat!

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