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What's "Personality Fit"?
What's "Personality Fit"?

View your applicants' DISC assessment results at-a-glance

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From your main dashboard, click on the title of the job post that you'd like to review the candidates for.

Click on any applicant who has completed their DISC+ profile, then click on ‘Personality’.

Now you can see very quickly if they are a good fit for the role and why or why not: 

  • You’ll see a section for Behavioral Qualities and for Motivators.

  • Each section has a slider graph with some of the characteristics important for the role

  • The bar graphs show how they scored, while the ideal personality fit scoring ranges for the role are highlighted in light green on the graph.

  • In the Motivators section, matches to Ideal motivators are noted with a green checkmark. You’ll see a red x if there’s not a match.

Keep in mind...

The above attributes that make up the overall Personality Fit are not weighted equally. This could be why someone is slightly off in one or more areas but is still seen as a 'Good' or 'Ideal' fit overall.

Scroll down the page and you can view how they fit for other roles you may be hiring for:

And at the top of the window, you can choose to Disqualify them at that point or Move them to a different Hiring Stage. 


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